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Why Use Us?

There are TWO MAIN REASONS why every league we have stays with us year in and year out:

PARENTS HAVE CONSISTENTLY TOLD US OUR PHOTOGRAPHS ARE BETTER THAN THE ONES THEIR CHILD GETS FROM SCHOOL - Even though we streamline our system, that doesn't mean we take one image and send the child on their way. We strive to make sure our images are the best! And if that take several images, we will take the time to do it right. We take into consideration lighting, exposure, expression, glass glare, posing, and more. We ALWAYS digitally correct such temporary issues such as: scars, scabs, pimples, bruises, and just about anything else that isn't a permanent part of your child!

WE ARE ALWAYS ON SCHEDULE - Our biggest concern is to make sure your parents are in and out quickly! We create our workflow schedule to get an average sized team in and out for individual and team pictures in 15 minutes, OR LESS!

Benefits of Using Us

  • We offer league fundraising opportunities which can include products at no or low cost, such as, coach or sponsor plaques, or a monetary rebate, or a combination of both depending on the size of your league.
  • The owners of the company are present at all jobs.
  • We use only experienced professional photographers.
  • An administrator is present at all jobs, who maintains a comfortable flow of traffic with no wait time on picture day, provides change if needed, and assists parents with any questions.
  • We offer a variety of sports related backdrops for indoor photo days.
  • Pictures are processed and returned to your league within 2–3 weeks.
  • Competitive and reasonable pricing as well as a full range of quality products.
  • Memory Mates ARE customized with your league name and date.
  • We are a small studio and focus on personalized service. Our primary focus is servicing you and your needs. Every league is important to us.
  • We will gladly accept opportunities from large and small leagues.
  • We accept all types of payments including checks and credit cards.

Professional Membership

Professional Photographers of Aemrica

We take our business seriously and are only focused on sports. For that reason we are a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America, an association created specifically for Professional Photographers. Please visit their website to learn more about their membership requirements.